Our Story

We created the Save or Die store to solve a problem. 

Thanks to the explosion of small press publishing in the Table Top Role Playing Game industry and the common use of PDFs, it is now possible to get nearly any game available no matter where you are in the world! With online videoconferencing it is easier to find groups and get together to play with them than ever before! There is no better time than now to enjoy the RPG hobby!

As much as access to games has changed, access to the special dice you need to play many of them has not changed. Rolling dice to determine results in the games is a big part of the fun! There is a satisfaction to the physical act of rolling and a certain drama to watching the die for the outcome of the roll. We want everyone to enjoy that part of the game so we have assembled a group of suppliers that allow us to ship almost anywhere in the world!

Living in Canada's North I know the frustration of having to find these dice first hand. A few years ago my group decided to try a couple of RPGs called Fate and Fudge. These games required four special dice with plusses and minuses instead of numbers. I scoured the closest city for a set, but was met with blank stares and confusion. I tried to order a set online, but the cost of shipping was even more than the cost of the dice! It didn't make sense!

I ended up buying a set while on a family vacation to New York City. My family indulged me in a side trip to a gaming store a couple of blocks from the Empire State Building. I was lucky everything lined up so I could buy a set of four dice for ten dollars instead of nearly thirty, but it's not like I'll have an opportunity like that again! No one is flying to NYC just to buy dice!

Once you have what you need, RPGs are a great hobby for people who live in a remote area. I spent many a cold winter day in the company of friends creating the shared experiences that entertained us. 

That is what Save or Die is all about! I love my hobby and I want it to be easy for people to enjoy it! That is why there are no extra charges for shipping in this store. If you live somewhere remote it may take longer to get your dice to you, but it will never cost you extra money!