Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the shipping times?

To make free shipping possible, we had to go with slower shipping rates. For the US, Canada and much of Europe your order will arrive in three weeks or so. For areas harder to access with shipping from our distributors, shipping is still free, but it takes a bit longer for your order to arrive. The good news is you will receive an email with a tracking number for your order once it ships!

To get the best dice at the best prices we work with a variety of manufacturers and distributers around the world. Many of these are in China, but others are in the Europe and the USA. That means shipping times to specific locations outside of the US and Canada varies by product. You can always email info@save-or-die.com to get an ETA for a specific product before you order.

Can I place bulk orders for large amounts of dice?

If you need hundreds, or even thousands of dice, we can arrange a volume discount. Email info@save-or-die.com with your needs and we'll see what we can do!

I changed my mind, can I return my dice?

All sales are final! That said, if there is a problem with your order please email us (info@save-or-die.com) so we can find a way to make it right that satisfies everyone involved.

Should I feed dice to my children or pets?

No! Although they are made from non-toxic materials, dice are a choking hazard and should never be given to young children or pets! Seriously, don't do that.

What determines the price changes?

We aren't out to gouge anybody so we keep our margins pretty tight. If our manufacturers or distributers offer us a special rate we pass that on to our customers immediately. We don't get warning about these changes most of the time so the prices may jump around by a couple of dollars from time to time.

Is this all there is?

We are constantly sourcing new products to make your RPG experience better! Our dice selection is still growing and we plan to add more lines of supporting products as soon as we are able. 

Don't see what you are looking for? Email us or check back with us again!